Scorpion Blue Oxy Exothermic Cutting Lance


The Scorpion is an Oxy Arc cutting lance used for cutting steel, iron, concrete and more, in both wet and dry applications.



The Scorpion blue exothermic cutting lance has many uses in industry for both dry and wet applications alike, such as cutting steel bracings on offshore structures, pipelines, removing jetty and pier foundations, cutting through concrete cassions, vessels, propellers and other types of marine salvage. There are approx 50 Lances supplied per box.

Key Benefits:

– The tubes are all fitted with high visibility polyolefin tubing for easy of use and improved safety.

– All Scorpion cutting lances are packed to prevent oil and grease contamination.

– It will cut through the following materials with ease: Plain carbon & low-alloyed steels, Cast irons, Stainless steels, Non-ferrous metals, Concrete, rock, rope, wood and marine growth.

The process simply requires an industry standard underwater cutting torch (Stinger) connected to a multistage high flow oxygen regulator, a DC welding machine and a safety isolation switch (Piranha). Should you prefer to cut with the power on, the Scorpion lance should require no more than ~150 amps at the tip. However, the lance will also burn with no electrical power, once ignited, as long as the oxygen flow is maintained.

The lance burns at approximately 6000°C (10,000°F) a temperature that will melt most materials with ease. The principle of operation, having ignited the arc is to allow oxygen to flow down through the centre of the lance. This creates and maintains an exothermic reaction, which will continue to burn, with or without the power, until the oxygen flow is stopped.


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