Frequently asked questions

Who can attend the Weldcraft-Pro course ?

Any commercial, surface supplied trained and certified diver, with or without welding experience.

What certification/approvals does the Weldcraft-Pro Course offer ?
  • EAL (EMTA Awards) - part of SEMTA (Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies) issue knowledge competence certificates against the course syllabus (EWF/IIW 570-01 guidelines).
  • IMarEST – Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology approve the course under their CPD programme.
  • Class 1 welder qualifications are issued by Zurich. Class II is an option is issued by Speciality Enterprises. Alternatively, the school will use a local outside laboratory.
What do IIW and EWF stand for ?
  • International Institute of Welding
  • European Welding Federation (EWF) is part of International Institute of Welding (IIW). Although two separate organisations, they both work jointly together on international welding qualifications. (The Weldcraft-Pro follows the guidelines, as referenced in the document 570-01 for fillet welder-plate).
Which ISO standard is used for the qualification testing of diver-welders ?
  • BSEN ISO 15618-1: 2002 (class I)
  • Qualification testing of welders for underwater welding. Part 1 Diver-welders for hyperbaric wet welding
What other welding specification may also be used ?
  • BS 4872-1:1982 (class II) or
  • AWS D3.6M-2010
How are dry and wet welding exercises broken down ?
  • Dry exercises are broken down into stages, i.e. stage 1 exercise 1/2, stage 2 exercise 1, etc.
  • Dry welding – covers BoP, stringer beads and weaving in PA position and then moves on to T and Lap joints in PB position. Other positions are available, depending on ability.
  • Wet welding exercises simply break-down into BoP, Lap and T joints; starting in PA position, then moving onto PB and then ultimately PD position. (fillet welds only).
What does LOC stand for ?

Learning Outcome (this is what the student is taught and assessed to)

How are LOC's assessed ?

All LOC’s are assessed through written, oral and/or practical work the student undertakes.

How many LOC's form part of the course and how they are delivered ?

There are a total of 9 LOC’s, but the 9th covers practical wet exercises.