Swordfish Non-Exothermic 4mm Cutting Electrodes


The Swordfish™ arc cutting electrode offers an alternative to exothermic (oxy-fuel/exothermic) cutting and is safer and a faster alternative to traditional oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane methods.



The Swordfish Non-Exorthmic Cutting Electrode.

This high iron oxide manual metal arc (MMA) electrode, requires no oxygen, thereby offering significant safety advantages and a more convenient, cost effective cutting method. It will cut steels, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, copper alloys, and aluminum alloys with ease. There are approx 100 electrodes supplied per box.

The product is very easy and straight-forward to use and even tradesman that don’t normally use oxy-acetylene, or oxy-propane cutting methods will be able to use it safely in a mater of minutes.

Key Benefits:

– These electrodes offer a more convenient and cost effective way of cutting

– Used for all general engineering, fabrication/workshops, onsite demolition sites etc.

– No need to transport high pressure gas cylinders or flammable gases, which requires a license for road transportation and additional safety inspection training and no need for expensive pressure regulators and gas hoses and check valves or flash-back arrestors

– The electrodes can be used for a wide range of general engineering/demolition works, such as cutting piles, piercing holes, removal of rivets and other connections and attachments common in constructional engineering etc

For use underwater; as no oxygen is required, the potential explosive dangers involved with conventional underwater cutting are completely removed and the hazards to the diver are significantly reduced. (see Shell evaluation report). Also, as no oxygen is being forced through the arc, cutting into materials with concrete backing/liners is also made significantly safer and easier, as little blow back occurs. The electrode provides a very clean and precise cut; whilst at the same time is easy to use.

Our Swordfish™ cutting electrodes require no special equipment whatsoever; a 300-400 amp DC welding power source will do the job. The price above is for one pack of 100 electrodes, which are 4.0mm (5/32”) in diameter and it can be used in all positions and it will cut a wide range of materials; including steel, stainless steel, cast-iron, bronze and copper alloys, and aluminum and its alloys, both above and below the waterline.


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