Barracuda Welding Electrode – 4.0mm


The Barracuda ‘Gold’ is a special rutile flux coated welding electrode which has added nickel and iron powders. It has a special formulated clear polymer based waterproof coating, to ensure the maximum resistance to water and moisture penetration is achieved.


Barracuda electrodes are available in 3.2 and 4.0mm (1/8″ and 5/32″) and are approx 68/69 electrodes supplied per box.

Key Benefits:

– Special formulated clear polymer based waterproof coating to ensure maximum resistance to water

– The electrode produces a superb weld finish & slag is easily removed

– The electrode allows for higher levels of misuse in its handling and care

– It provides electrical insulation for improved diver safety

– The electrode has a particularly smooth, soft arc characteristic that welders find very easy to use

It was developed to provide a high quality, cost effective electrode, that is easy to use for all structural steels. It offers easy striking and re-striking and may be used in all positions. The electrode provides for excellent mechanical properties, with welding procedures having been approved by Lloyds and ABS.

The nearest specification equivalent, in accordance with BSEN ISO 2560: 2005 may be regarded as; E4621NiRR51 and/or American Welding Society; AWS A5.1:2004 E7014.


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