UWEC Weldcraft Pro Programme

Pre-course Preparation
Medical Fitness
English Proficiency
Summary of Dives
Valid SCUBA license
Physical Fitness
Diving First Aid/CPR/AED/O2
Valid commercial diving license which recognize by local or international body.

Stage 1
Introduction to Welding Technology (SMAW/GMAW/GTAW) – 5 days (RM 5,000.00)

Stage 2
Commercial Diving refresher course (follow JPK Standard) – 5 days (RM 12,000.00)

Stage 3
Introduction to Wet Welding (follow JPK Standard) – 5 days (RM 15,000.00)

Stage 4
WeldcraftPro Underwater Welding Technology Training course – 12 days (RM 25,000.00)

You may start at your qualifying stage
Consecutively at RM62,000.00