Auto Darkening Welding Flip Up Lens Assembly


Our world-class welding lens assembly. An autodarkening flip-up style assembly designed to take our auto darkening lens as well as standard lenses.



This assembly, which fits on the face plate, fully covers the faceplate, so preventing any arc reflection bouncing back into the hat. (Note: Lens sold separately).

The assembly is made from a tough, hardwearing lightweight POM-C plastic Polyoxymethylene material, which is non-conductve and has been designed/developed using CAD/CAM technology, to optimise the design and reduce need for maintenance.

The assembly is easy to use (even with thick gloves) to flip-up with just your thumb. A very clever press fit system allows for quick and easy fitting of the filter and yet holds the filter securely. It’s light and strong and is designed to be used with our auto-darkening filter (See related product), but can also be used with other standard lenses.


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