Steps To Become Professional Diver and Wet Welder


Scuba Diving (Recreational Diver) – Mandatory for Wet Welding Course

  • Understand a basic principle of scuba diving
  • Confined water dives – to learn basic scuba skills – Just the first three of five sections of the open water diver course
  • Open water dives – to use skills and explore – Just two of four dives of the open water diver course 
  • The duration is 1 week and the venue can be either in Tioman or Pulau Paya Langkawi


Commercial Diver Course Levels 1 & 2 – Optional for Wet Welding Course

  • Standard operational procedure & Method of statement safety for underwater work.
  • Obtain the ITDA commercial diver certificate.
  • Become a certified commercial diver and can work in any sectors safely.
  • The duration of course is 2 months and the venue is at IDA Teluk Kalong (Fresh water) Kemaman Terengganu.


Surface Supply Commercial Diver (Fast Track) – A Basic Prerequisite to Wet Welding Course

  • Basic introduction to Surface supply equipment (some syllabus of commercial diving)
  • Basic knowledge on how to use the equipment (e.g. diving suit with hard hat) and provide insight into a commercial diver course– APPLICABLE FOR THOSE WHO SKIP STEP 2 ABOVE
  • No skill certificate is given only a passport to enroll the wet welding program
  • The duration of course is 2 weeks.(limited to diving tank ONLY – Not exposed to fresh water like river nor lake) – The exact venue will be confirmed later


Underwater Wet Welding

  • The syllabus covers:
      1) Safe underwater welding procedures / MMA welding plant & equipment
      2) Underwater welding techniques / Preparing to weld
      3) Electrodes & weld terminology / Basic weld ability & common weld defects
      4) Monitor & control welding operations / Quality assurance & quality control
      5)Join c/steel plates using standard underwater welding techniques

  • Obtain the WeldCraft Pro wet welding certificate
  • The duration of course is 2 weeks and the venue is to be confirmed later