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Introduction to wet welding short course is designed to give the exposure to those who have keen interest in becoming the wet welder in the future. This course also provides an insight into wet welding field to students from universities and other institutions. Therefore, they will be led by the qualified instructor to the correct path to become commercial divers and wet welders later on.

Key objective

  • To give exposure to students in wet welding.
  • To provide some basic knowledge of underwater welding and diving.
  • To provide some understanding and awareness of using correct wet welding technique, consumables and equipment.

Course outcomes

  • The student will obtain the basic knowledge in diving and wet welding.
  • The student shall have some basic skills and hands-on practical underwater welding.

who can enrol?

  • Open to anybody who is interested in wet welding. For example, students, engineers, welders, divers etc.
  • This course is 100% HRDF claimable

Confined Scuba Course – designed for beginners who do not have any scuba or commercial diving certificate. This course will deliver some basic scuba diving and practical lessons before the students can enroll the Introduction to Wet Welding course. This course is compulsory for those who do not have any knowledge and certificate neither scuba diving nor commercial diving.

Content :

  • Basic safety for scuba
  • Scuba equipment
  •  Scuba technique
  • Communications


RM3200 for 4 days

Introduction to Wet Welding
Package includes

  • Welding specimens
  • Welding consumables
  • Diving equipment are provided
  • Meals are provided
  • Duration is 2 days

Confined Scuba course
RM 1,200.00

  • Scuba equipment and gears
  • Meals are provided
  •  Duration is 2 days

HOW to register ?

Click this link to register : https://forms.gle/wjoW3V8YCZQMVMuUA

Download our brochure :  https://www.uwec.com.my/wp content/uploads/2021/08/introduction_to_underwater_wet_welding_brochure_updated.pdf